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We are proud to do an honest job at an affordable rate and extremely pleased to have so many satisfied customers refer us to their family and friends. We believe there is no better advertisement then positive word of mouth.  Feel free to leave us a message expressing how your service was and if we can make it better, in any way, in the future.

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Maurice S. Murphy, Spokane: Just a short note to thank you for fixing the reflector problem on my 2006 Suzuki Grand Vitara SUV on 4 June 2008. Your arrival was on time, your attitude was very professional, and your solution to what I thought would be major body work was fast, ingenious, and restored it to brand new condition in half the time quoted me by a well- known body shop chain in Spokane! I am a very satisfied customer of yours and I will look to you for all my car's non-routine maintenance needs in the future. I told the manager of Indian Canyon Apartments that you had done a superb job and your first concern was managerial clearance to work inside an apartment complex. She felt this was a very appropriate question and was impressed. I gave her one of your business cards for her file as she gets many calls for help from tenants with car problems. I also posted the five remaining cards on the club house bulletin board for all to see. I have a feeling that you may be up in Indian Canyon again! I hope it gives you plenty of business, since come winter one quarter of the cars here go down and we have very few folks living here who are mechanics. Yours with all satisfaction and respect for a job very well done, my regards and thanks.

Jenelle, Spokane: I found out about the Mobile Auto Doc from a friend, and was amazed. Kraig came to my house, which is so convenient, especially since I don't think our truck would have been able to travel to a mechanic that day. He was over right away. And the price was unbelievably low. I would definitely recommend him.

Dave Mize, Spokane Valley: I believe that a truly talented, and competent individual is rare. Kraig is one of those. Most of the "technicians" today are not. Kraig is. I highly recommend him to anyone who has an automotive, or RV problem. Attention to detail, and the ability to thoroughly inform his clients, is totally refreshing. Don't make the mistake of going to a "dealer". To top it all off....he is honest, fair, and a joy to do business with. (no, we are not related). Thanks for being an ACE!!!!

Timothy Patterson, Spokane: Kraig did an outstanding job! Far better than any shop that I have been to, by far. He came the very day that I called, and gave a very reasonable quote. The fact that he is mobile saved me a lot in towing fees alone. When it was determined that the initial quote would be higher than previously stated, Kraig was apologetic, which is very nice in this industry, and was back the very next day. It turned out that I needed to have the steering column replaced on my Bronco, and he showed me where the column was broken. He had a replacement the very next day, and was very efficient during the replacement, and now the old rig is running like new. I definitely recommend this service to anyone who can't get their vehicle to a shop, and even for those who can!

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Rick P: I have had A Mobile Auto Doc, Kraig Cross, work on my car several times over the last 3 years. From an oil change, to replacing the serpentine belt, replacing heater blower, tune-up, brakes and CO sensors. I first found Kraig via Craig's List. I liked his somewhat long be very informative ad interesting and decided to give him a try. They will come to your car or you can take it to them. I have been very pleased with the honesty, low labor rates and quality of work. This can be very hard to find in auto repair. I have also recommended him to my friends, who have had work done and received the same excellent service. I will not take my car anywhere else. Kraig will not try to up sell you, but will tell you what needs to be done and what may be optional, or what you should be planning to service. I drive an older car (97 Taurus), so don't want to do unneeded repairs but want to keep it running and safe for as long as possible.

A Mobile Auto Doc, P.O. Box 9245, Spokane, Washington 99209, Phone: (509) 220-2719