About Us

Hello and thanks for checking out my website. I added this page to give a better understanding about me, my background, and why I started this mobile mechanic service. I feel when you call and hire someone to work on something you might want to have an idea of who this guy is before you trust him with your car or even let him come to your house. I want people to trust us enough to call again and refer their friends and family for years to come. So please read on for more information.

My name is Kraig and I started this local Spokane business in the spring of 06 to help support my family while recouping from an injury that kept me from full time employment as an automotive technician. I wanted to continue to work as a mechanic and not give it up even though physical capacities were limited at that time for me. I started with a small ad online and noticed there was a demand for quality work at a fair and reasonable price. Finding a niche that wasn’t overfilled already, I came across the mobile mechanic idea. I did not expect to make a fortune at doing this nor did I want to, I just wanted to do the only thing I knew best and have been doing for over 17 years while still being able to support my family.

This is some information on my work experiences and qualifications: I have been an auto technician for 17 years, working on all types of vehicles ranging from cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and RVs, from 2006 models down. I have worked at large dealerships and smaller private shops over those years gaining a variety of experiences. This is a break down of just some of what I do: engine (all types of engine work except full rebuilds, transmission (specializing in Chrysler/Dodge made transmissions rebuilds), differential (can rebuild most differentials), drivability (have a scanner that can access and diagnose domestic and Asian vehicles) , a/c-heat (can diagnose and charge a/c systems), brakes (most brake jobs done on site), cooling (can replace most cooling components on site), tune ups (full tune with check over of all vital systems with scanner), suspension (can do most suspension except alignments) and electrical type of work, basically all eight areas of a gas or diesel powered vehicle. I am an ASE Master Certified Technician with all my certifications up to this date in the eight sections of ASE. (Which for those who don’t know, stands for The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, the bench mark credentials for being competent to work in the automotive service industry.) Please ask to see my qualifications at any time and any employee other then myself.

My whole idea with my company is to do a job for someone and give that personal service that most customers strive for when they get their car repaired. To earn their trust! My days working for the large dealerships taught me a lot of good lessons and yes-bad lessons on automotive repair. I don’t tolerate any false repairs, over charges, and me or anyone working for me, will not advise you to do anything you don’t need done. Dishonesty and poor workmanship is not nor will it ever be tolerated in my company. I know finding a good mechanic can be difficult, and once someone finds one they trust, they might go back to them for years. I am trying to bring the large dealership feeling and trust at a corner shop price. The old saying is of course...by doing a good job at a good price, the word of mouth will spread, and my client ell is building on this factor alone.

The benefit I give to you is that I am mobile, so I can come to you, while you work, at your office, or at home with the kids. (My customers that are moms with small children like that.) I am capable of doing most repairs on the spot, as long, as I know what kind of problem and where it is located. For the larger jobs I do have a full service shop I can work in if needed. I’m not a back yard mechanic (but I might have to work in your backyard since I come to you for the work to be done). We travel around a lot, and try to be everywhere for everybody, but yet nobody is perfect, sometimes there is just not enough time in the day. Please feel free to leave a message if you have any ideas of how to make my business more convenient for what you might need.

What do I work on you might ask. Well I do have specialties and have worked with Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep products for along time, but I am more then qualified to work on almost anything (new or old) GM/Chevy, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, Mazda, Mitsubishi, KIA, Mercedes, (there is a lot of different brands out there). I am trying to offer full services that any large or small shop can provide, and bring it to you. All our work is guaranteed in writing with every job, with added parts’ warranties added to that. This business is state licensed, city licensed, and fully insured in case of any problems while we have your car.

Please be cautious of the “here today and gone tomorrow” people that are out here these days. Many are not licensed and none are insured. The little money you save now could cost you a lot more in the long run. I try to be up front and honest as I can with what your vehicle will need to repair it, and advice on what could prevent future breakdowns. These days every little bit helps, and I want to give you quality you can afford.

I very much appreciate you taking the time to read all of this and hope you give us the chance to supply your automotive needs, if there is any other questions, please browse more through the site or send us an email. Look forward to being your auto doc in the future!

Thank you

Kraig Cross

Owner and operator: A Mobile Auto Doc

Licensed and insured in the state of Washinton and the City of Spokane,
like any good doctor should be!

A Mobile Auto Doc, P.O. Box 9245, Spokane, Washington 99209, Phone: (509) 220-2719